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Luminescence dating is a technique used to date Quaternary sediments and for determining when ancient materials such as pottery, ceramics, bricks or tiles were last heated. The technique can be applied to material from about 100 to several hundred thousand years old. Hammer in a cylinder so it is fully filled and carefully dig it out. Cover both ends of the cylinder with aluminium foil and/or thick black plastic, and tape it so it is light proof and watertight.4. Avoid sampling in inhomogenous surroundings (stay more than 25 cm away from inhomogenities like gravel beds or bedrock)6. Ensure the sample material cannot move or mix inside the cylinder, by stuffing aluminium foil into both ends of the cylinder. We reserve the right to reject samples if we consider them unsuitable for luminescence dating. Our equipment has a very high efficiency and ultra-low background so can be used to measure tiny amounts of radionuclides. We therefore welcome projects where low-level radioactivity is expected such as sediments from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Standard rate for routine work with priority processing: NZ00 GST per sample. Dating the Kawakawa/Oruanui eruption: comment on optical luminescence dating of a loess section containing a critical tephra marker horizon, SW North Island of New Zealand by R. live in lower hutt, like to travel, like to help people, like to listen, im a sensitive guy, affectionate and caring, go on, get in touch ;) I am looking for new friends and may be love see how it goes , been in nz for 4 years now and don't have many friends, i have a gsoh, trustworthy, honesty,, Im creative and an open minded guy who enjoys life to the at first till i get to know u , new to this so be gentle I like to take my time when it comes to meeting people.I enjoy having a great chat, love to talk about anything and see where any chat goes.

Cut back the surface of the outcrop by about 20 cm to expose fresh material3. Slip Rate on the Wellington Fault, New Zealand, during the Late Quaternary: Evidence for Variable Slip during the Holocene.

They are mounted on a base unit that takes the blows when the cylinder is hammered into the sediment, while also preventing mixing of loose sediment within the cylinder.